Autism Funding in BC

The Province of British Columbia provides two autism funding programs for diagnosed children and youth residing in BC.

  • The Under 6 program provides $22, 000 per child per year for eligible autism and intervention services.

  • The ages 6-18 program provides $6, 000 per child per year. There are strict rules about the kind of services that may be purchased and from whom. Further information can be found by clicking here.

Those coming to BC from another province or territory may be required to have a confirmation of their child’s diagnosis performed by a qualified pediatrician, psychiatrist or registered psychologist before receiving autism funding. The form is available here. To receive autism funding, a funding agreement must be completed with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. They can be reached at: 250-952-4707 orPO Box 9728 Stn Prov GovtVictoria BC, V8W 9S2, Canada.

At Home Program

For children living at home with severe developmental disabilities (dependent in at least three of four daily activities of eating, dressing, toileting and washing), additional benefits may be available. These benefits include respite funding and/or medical benefits or supplies. For further information, click here.

Child Disability Tax Credit

If you have not already submitted your tax credit form, you can get information on how to do so from the Canada Revenue Agency website by clicking here.

Registered Disability Savings Plan

The government currently has an RDSP plan for children and adults with adisability that offers
substantial annual grants to those who open an RDSP. This can be an important investment for many individuals in the long term. Regulations and restrictions can change, so you can get the most recent information on the Canada Revenue website.

Further Reading

For further information about all matters relating to autism in British Columbia contact ACT- Autism Community Training. This is an information and referral service that supports families and individuals with autism across British Columbia. You can call them toll free at 1-866-939-5188 to speak with an information officer. You can also contact ACT by email at, or see their website at to access a vast amount of information and resources.

For further reading and resources about funding options in BC, VSCA recommends checking out Autism Funding in BC: There you will find a thorough explanation of first steps, Provincial and Federal funding, legal issues with school, hiring therapists and consultants, and much more.