The Victoria Society for Children with Autism (VSCA) has been primarily a volunteer-led organization since it began in 1970. We have grown to include a paid staff position, but today we still rely on generous and dedicated volunteers who help the society to be its best. VSCA is very lucky to have such a dedicated team of people behind the scenes!

Aaron Taylor – General Manager

Aaron served 2 years on the board until 2016 when he was requested to assist the society as a General Manager, overseeing many of the monthly events, assisting the society in applying for funding, being a contact person, and in general helping the society to run smoothly and efficiently!

Jesse Galvon Reid – President

Jesse joined the board as a member in large in 2018. She stepped up to the presidential role in 2019. As an executive coach who specializes in emotional intelligence and a mother of an ASD child, she firmly believes a community can make a difference through empathy, compassion and sharing experiences. She is a strong believer in this community and the 4 pillars represented in V.S.C.A.

  • Influence: a sense of mattering, also it speaks to the concept of giving first before asking for anything.
  • Integration and Fulfillment of Needs: means that by joining a community a member gets what they hoped to get by joining.
  • Membership: the feeling of belonging or of sharing a sense of personal relatedness.
  • Shared Emotional Connection: members will have a history of experiences together and the belief that there will be more experiences together in the future. With these shared experiences, we form a long-lasting, emotional connection.

May Zhong – Treasurer

May and William’s family have been involved with VSCA since their first child was diagnosed with ASD 2 years ago. Finding it a supportive community that they could go to, they decided to contribute make it better for all families with children with special needs. In June of 2018, May was elected to the board of directors. Previously, her husband William was on the board of directors from May 2017 to 2018.

Therese Nicholson – Secretary

Theri was elected to the board as Secretary in May 2019.  Mother of a child with ASD, who has benefited from events and programs offered by VSCA, she wanted to give back and provide support to the community.  She works full time and happily volunteers to help organize and attend various events. She resides on the Peninsula with her husband and sons.

Jon Taylor – Member at Large

Jon’s family has been with involved with V.S.C.A. for many years. He was elected and joined the board in 2017 to help out and brings his experience from other boards. He works in I.T. and has lived in Victoria for more than 25 years.

Stephan Herman – Member at Large

Stephan joined the board as Member at Large in May 2019.