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Come meet with other teens and try your luck escaping from Rosewood Manor or the Pyramids!

We will order pizza for lunch afterwards. Let me know by email if you need any special dietary restrictions. Also, if you need to be with your teen in the escape room, you need to let us know as each room has strict occupany levels that must be observed.

Rosewood Manor
The Rosewood Manor has been abandoned for decades. Legend has it that the old manor is haunted, and anyone who spends more than one hour inside will be trapped there forever! One day, many years ago, 8-year-old Tommy Dawson entered the Rosewood Manor on a dare, and he has never returned! Today, many years later, you too have entered the Rosewood Manor on a quest for the truth. Will you uncover the secret of what happened to Tommy Dawson so many years ago, or will you too become trapped inside forever?

Don’t be frightened that the manor is haunted, it’s spooky not scary and is suitable for all ages!

Sorcerer’s Lair
Adventurers across the land have been inexplicably vanishing. Many believe they have fallen prey to an evil sorcerer who has been using them as subjects on which to test his evil black magic spells! What will become of you and your friends when you too are captured and imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer? Will you have the wits to escape his enchanted lair, or will you become the next victims to his latest spell?

ALLERGY WARNING: This room contains real hay. Face masks are available.

Special Thanks to Coast Capital Savings for providing funds for our teen program!