The Victoria Society for Children with Autism would like to extend a big thank you to Coast Captial Savings. They have provided support to our group in the form of an annual grant in the last two years 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, their financial support of $16,800 allowed us to implement a Teen and Youth Program for Autistic Teens in Victoria. This is a group of individuals that can feel left out in their community as well as other special programs as many autism programs seem to focus on younger ages. This monthly autistic teen only program has monthly social events in addition to running a summer and winter recreation, support and respite program.

In 2016, their financial support of $10,000 was instrumental in running a monthly family social events in the  Victoria area as well as providing funding for a summer recreation, support and respite program.

Thank you Coast Capital, your funding has helped us provide the following funds to autistic teens and families.

Winter 2017 Recreation and Respite Funds $100 provided to 15 teens.

Summer 2017 Recreation and Respite Funds $190 provided to 18 teens.

Summer 2016 Recreation and Respite Funds $110 provided to 47 autistic children and teens.

Additionally, these are some of the program your funding has allowed us to provide to autistic individuals.

Thank you for your recreation funding that is provided. With this funding, our son is able to attend an Autism Active Outdoor Adventures for youth with Autism. Our son really enjoys going and this has been a valuable socializing and engaging program for him.
Much appreciated being considered for funding and we appreciated the hard work VSCA puts in and the generosity of Coast Capital Savings.
Our older autistic son attended Camp Narnia as a Leader in Progress for the second year in running. This has been a fantastic opportunity for him to learn and grow. He is very appreciative of the support you provide which aids in his ability to attend cam.
Our autistic teen attends this same Camp Narnia and considers it his second home. It makes him feel alive and he is very appreciative to Coast Capital Savings and the VSCA committee who organizes the grants and provides the opportunity for him to attend camp.
Thanks so much to Coast Capital for sponsoring not only the generous recreation funding in the Summer and Winter but also the various teen events that the society put on for our teenage daughters with autism. This has been a great opportunity for them to practice social skills and to make friends in the community. Both us as parents as well as the teens appreciate the financial support you provide.
Thank you Coast Capital for offering funding to our autistic kids. It really means a lot to us that our son gets to stay active and busy during the summer months where he would otherwise stay home and get himself into trouble. Gymnastics summer camp has been a great outlet for our special needs child and without your help he wouldn’t be able to go.
My son has had an opportunity to work with PISE through the Physical Literacy program and we have found them to be a stellar group of young professionals. This was a really fun week for him and he truly enjoys being around other children involved in physical activities. I would like to thank Coast Capital for providing the grant to young people with autism that allowed my autistic child to participate.
Thank you so much for providing us access with additional financial resources for camp! My son has complex needs and there are not many camps that are tailored to support his unique needs. QA is the one camp that is perfect for him, and even then, he requires 1:1 support to attend. This makes it quite costly to provide him with opportunities to hang out with his peers and enjoy summer fun.” Coast Capital funding helped make this possible.