Finding the right child care provider for your family can be an overwhelming task. Here are a few local resources to help you get started in your search:

Finding Child Care

Ministry of Health

The ministry of health has a website which includes information about childcare in bc, including funding options and understanding the different types of childcare. Of particular interest, VSCA recommends reading their Parent’s Guide to Selecting Child Care in BC.

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR)

Since 1990, the Victoria Child Care Resource and Referral has been supporting families, child care providers, and the community in promoting quality child care throughout Greater Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, and Salt Spring Island. They provide:

  • Referrals to licensed and registered license-not-required child care providers. These referrals can be made in person at our office or can be emailed to you.
  • Information about and assistance with child care subsidy
  • Phone consultations with early childhood professionals
  • Internet access to child care-related websites
  • Information about community resources

Community Options for Children and Families

Community Options for Children and Families is a welcoming, innovative organization that provides a wide range of services to people with developmental disabilities, their families and their caregivers on South Vancouver Island. They provide respite care, services for adults, and family support services which include a mom’s coffee group and parent and family education.

West Coast Child Care Resource Centre

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre provides information, referrals, training and resources to families, individuals and organizations who are seeking the best care and early learning for children. Though they are based in Vancouver, they have a number of multi-lingual publications and brochures that are helpful which you can find here, including choosing child care, knowing about child care choices, selecting an in-home caregiver, and more.

Recreation and Social Programming in Victoria

Canucks Autism Network

CAN is dedicated to providing year-round sports and recreation programs for children, teens, young adults and families living with autism, while increasing autism awareness and providing training in communities across British Columbia.

Power to Be

Based in Victoria and Vancouver, Power to Be is a non-profit organization that empowers people to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature. They believe finances shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing nature, and they work to remove cognitive, physical and social barriers to the outdoors, supporting participants to explore who they are and what they are capable of with the support of their staff, volunteers and each other.

Recreation Integration Victoria 

RIV’s mission is to facilitate active lifestyles for people with disabilities.
They believe that participation in recreation and leisure are essential aspects of human life that improve one’s quality of life.  They strive to ensure an equality of access to community parks and recreation facilities, programs, services, and special events, for people with disabilities. Here are some of the services they provide:

  1. Act as recreation advisors, consultants, and liaisons between people with disabilities, community recreation professionals, agencies and all levels of government.
  2. Promote awareness of the benefits of active living, recreation and leisure, as well as the benefits of inclusion.
  3. Facilitate recreation inclusion through leisure planning, referrals, information dissemination, and assistance in overcoming barriers to participation.

Victoria Society for Children with Autism!

Don’t forget that VSCA offers monthly teen, parent/caregiver, and family events that promote social inclusion and community support for families with autism! Check out our events page or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.